Museum of the barricades of 1991 is located in the heart of Old Rīga, in Krāmu Street 3. The entrance to the building is decorated with a stone portal dating back to the first half of the 18th century. During the events of January 1991, the building was used to provide warmth, relaxation and some hot tea for participants of the barricades. Society of participants of barricades of 1991 has been headquartered here since 1997. The museum, which features historical materials related to the barricades, was established in 2001 and received government official accreditation in 2003.


Virtual 3D tour of the museum

We invite you to visit Museum of the barricades of 1991 on Kramu Street also virtually. Select points on the map and navigate through the museum for more information about the exhibition. And remember to pass by also later in reality, to watch some videos and have a discussion. By knowing such unique events we are building our better future.


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